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Travelling to Arraial d’Ajuda in the State of Bahia, Brazil

The nearest convenient commercial airport to Arraial is 40 minutes away at Porto Seguro (BPS), with daily connections to and from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Belo Horizonte and other Brazilian cities.

Most major European airlines fly to Brazil: British Airways and TAM direct from London; KLM, Air France, Tap/Air Portugal, Iberia are many of the European airlines that fly to Brazil. Many flights arrive in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro early in the morning from where there are convenient connections to Porto Seguro with GOL and TAM. The same international and domestic airlines serve Salvador.

First choice has low cost direct charter flights London to Salvador May-October only.

Visitors who would like to spend a couple of days in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo may prefer to do so on their way home as flight times are more convenient. Salvador can be visited en-route to Arraial.

There is also a private landing strip at Trancoso.

Local transport

We can arrange for clients to be met off any flight arriving at Porto Seguro and transported direct to Dean’s House. Return transport, is, of course, also available.

Vehicle hire

Cars and beach-buggies can be hired in Porto Seguro and in Arraial d’Ajuda either by prior arrangement or after arrival. A vehicle is not essential. Cycles can also be hired.


EEC passport holders will  be granted a 3-month tourist stamp on arrival , no visa required .  The visitor’s passport must have at least six months validity. More information for all nationalities

Bring a photocopy of the personal details pages of your passport, carry this with you when out and about and leave original documents in the safe in the house.

Local time

The time in north-east Brazil (including Bahia) is usually GMT -3. So very little jet lag.


North-east Brazil has a tropical climate and compared with northern Europe, is warm all the year round (day time 24ºC to 40º). It is rarely less than 18ºC at night. High season (or Brazilian summer) is December–March. Easter is also a great time as well as European summer or Autumn. 

It wouldn’t be tropical if it didn’t rain occasionally, but there’s a greater chance of rain in April, May and June.


The Brazilian currency is the Real (plural Reais) and is normally quoted against the US Dollar or the Euro. (www.xe.com). Bank machines (only those with Visa, Mastercard etc logos) will give cash against plastic cards. Restricted amounts of cash are available after 22.00h. It is sensible to bring a small amount of foreign currency in US Dollars or Euros for emergencies. Credit cards are accepted in many shops, restaurants etc, but not all. Carry a separate note of the 24-hour telephone numbers of your credit card providers and your card numbers.

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